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<[1.0] Introduction>

Intruder is a game of information warfare and resource management set in the reaches of space. The basis of this game is an age-old strategy question. Assuming one side has one, extremely resilient and potent combat unit, and the other side has a fleet composed of small, relatively weak but numerous and varied combat units, how do you apply each side against the other to win?

The game may be played in a scenario-fashion with one player playing the Intruder and at least one other player commanding the ships of the Human Fleet. Additionally, a strategic layer to the game will allow for a massive on-line multi-player experience, with players commanding fleet movements around our galaxy, fleets and squadrons in system, and individual vessels. Optionally, an AI can be written to control the opposing side to allow for single-player games with a story line component.

Once the engine itself is built, it's fair to make the assumption that Fleet vs Fleet scenarios will take place. Another possible scenario would be Intruder vs Intruder, although the fun factor in that might be limited.

<[1.1] Acknowledgements>

This design has been rattling around inside my brain for some years, a product largely derived from my readings of Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series, Joe Haldeman's seminal Forever War and Larry Niven's Known Space. All the great ideas in this game come from their work; I accept responsibility for any of the ideas that really suck.

It was pointed out to me that Intruder is very much like Ogre in space (Ogre is a fun, engaging board game), a point I agree with now that I think about it. An acknowledgement to Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games is only right, and I apologize for not having seen the similarity sooner. The idea wellspring for the big unit vs. little units concept for me still originates with Saberhagen's Berserker series, however.