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<[8.0] Combat>

<[8.1] The Three Phases of Contact Prosecution>

There are three phases in the military methodology known as Contact Prosecution. The phases are, in order, detection of the contact, resolution of the contact, and destruction or neutralization of the contact.

<[8.11] Contact Detection>

The first phase in Contact Prosecution is to detect potentially hostile contacts with passive or active sensors. Once a contact has been detected, it is assigned a Contact ID by the shipboard tactical computer. A Contact ID takes the form of {Type|Serial}, where Type is a letter code for various contact signature types and Serial is a three-digit number starting from 001. During this phase, all you know about the contact is that your sensors think there is something there. [8.11.1] Contact Signature Types

<[8.12] Contact Resolution>

The second phase in Contact Prosecution is Resolution, where a sensing vessel collects more information through sensor packages. There are several information categories to be collected on an unresolved contact.

<[8.13] Contact Neutralization>

This final phase of Contact Prosecution involves the destruction or neutralization of a contact that has been determined to be hostile through the deployment of weapons.