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<[11.0] Sensor Systems>

Sensor suites are the eyes and ears of any spacecraft, Intruders included. Type is either Passive or Active. Active sensors must "ping" to seek contacts, and offer much more detailed and accurate information than passive sensors do, but they also instantly reveal the location of the "pinging" vessel. Range indicates the maximum effective range of the sensor. Resolution indicates the quality of information from the sensor (1.0 is perfect).

<[11.1] Passive Sensors>

<[11.2] Active Sensors>

<[11.3] Weapon Directors>

<[11.31] Bearing Only Launch>

This weapon guidance system is given a vector and burn time before launch. When launched, it travels on that vector at maximum acceleration until the burn time is reached, whereupon the homing system switches on, the missile selects a target, and travels at maximum burn towards the target.

<[11.32] Beam Rider>

The missile is controlled by the launching vessel by pointing a radar|lidar at the target that the missile follows. The missile travels along the vector at maximum burn until it reaches the target. If the beam is interrupted, the missile self-destructs.

<[11.33] Semi-active Radar Homing>

The missile is given a target by the launching vessel, which is illuminated by the missile's own active guidance system after launch. The missile corrects its course during approach as necessary.

<[11.4] Sensors Table>

Sensor PackageActive/PassiveInformationAttenuationEffectiveness
RadarActiveBearing, Range0.1/400000.75
MADPassiveBearing, Range0.1/120000.4
LidarActiveBearing, Range0.1/550000.8

*Attenuation indicates the drop in Effectiveness per distance unit. Thus, radar drops off effectiveness at a rate of 0.1 per 40000 km