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<[13.0] Computer Systems>

<[13.1] Software>

Software modules are a critical component of gameplay in Intruder. Although every ship and every system on every ship can be operated manually, players who prepare modules for their ships will be able to perform tasks much more efficiently. This is because the modules allow multiple functions to be executed at the stroke of a key, and the computer handles all of the controls to fulfill the function requirements.

There are three types of software modules: Navigation, Combat and Support. Navigation modules execute ship maneuvers, combat modules execute offensive and defensive system orders, and support modules execute all other orders that do not fall into the first two categories.

There are three primary steps to designing a module:

  1. Select Navigation, Combat or Support
  2. Add Subroutines and Define Affected Components
  3. Compile Module

Step 2 is the most involved, but is still relatively simple. The player selects the subroutines he wishes to implement in his module, specifies the affected components (such as which hardpoints to affect with the order) and places the subroutines in the order of execution he desires.

<Navigation Subroutines>

All Navigation Subroutines with the term Vector will have a user changeable entry for the Thrust value.

<[13.2] Hardware>