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<[14.0] Game Rules>

Game Rules focuses on the methods of incident resolution, specifically Damage Calculation (how much damage does an attack inflict) and Sensing Calculation (how to determine if a vessel senses a contact).

<[14.1] Damage Calculation>

Damage Calculations are based on the energy delivered to a target. To recap: Kinetic Damage is calculated by:

	KD = C(v * mass)
Where KD = Kinetic Damage in points, C = conversion constant of 0.003, v = velocity in m/s at the moment of impact (keeping in mind that you add the vectors of two colliding objects to calculate the relative velocity), and mass is the mass of the object in kilos.

<[14.2] Sensing Calculation>

Sensing Calculations are calculated based on arbitrary numbers derived from a loose extrapolation of today's technology.

The basic Chance to Detect is calculated by multiplying the Signature of the target with the Effectiveness of the sensor:

Cd = SE 
Example: a radar with a Effectiveness of 0.75 tries to detect a target with a Signature of 0.5. The Chance to Detect is (0.75 * 0.5) or 0.375 = 37.5%