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<[16.0] Glossary of Terms>

Active Sensing
Emitting radiation/energy in an attempt to locate a target or resolve a contact through reflection. Radar and sonar are both active sensors. This often called pinging a target. Note that active sensing causes the sensing vessel to "light up" and reveal its location to passive enemy sensors.
Canadian/English spelling for "Armor" goddammit. Also, mass such as steel, composites, and other substances encasing vital systems on a vessel.
A human-occupied world in one of the many star systems explored by humanity in the late 21st century.
Sensor datum point that indicates the possible presence of a vessel or other object within detection range.
Delta Vee
Change of velocity, also the ability to change velocity as dictated by resources such as fuel and thrust.
Firing Solution
A series of calculations that direct a weapon to the successful interception of an enemy contact. Firing solutions are of course unnecessary for energy weapons.
A group of up to twenty Human military spacecraft working as a unit; also, a synonym for the Human player(s) in a scenario.
Kinetic Weapon
A weapon that causes damage through the delivery of energy to the target imparted by a collision.
An overused but often useful element found in many science fiction novels that allows for plot-hooks and story development while avoiding the hairy business of explaining the actual math behind a proposed concept. Also found in science fiction games allowing for play balance.
A menacing machine intelligence mandated to destroy all life in the Galaxy; also, the name of this cool game.
Passive Sensing
Data collection through non-emitting means, by "listening" on a variety of bands. Less reliable and less useful than active sensing, but does not reveal the location of the sensing vessel.
The resolution, pursuit and ultimate destruction of an enemy contact.
Also "resolving a contact." Collecting data on a specific contact with the purpose of identifying as much detail on that contact as possible.
Resource Points
Points spent on the construction of Intruders and Fleets. Part of the internal game economy.
A subset of a Fleet, usually a grouping of six or eight vessels with a specific mission, operating as a unit.
The science of military command, or the science of projecting campaigns and directing great military movements; generalship. Short form: macromanagement.
The science and art of disposing military and naval forces in order for battle, and performing military and naval evolutions. Short form: operations management. Micromanagement in this context is the command of a single ship.